At Africa Global Partners we identify, promote and strengthen commercial relationships and investments in the African continent, with the deep knowledge and wide experience coming from everyone involved in this company. Our goal is the launch, good setting and development of your business project in the African market.


Our mission:

> Be the point of support for businesses, providing the necessary links to generate sustainable and long-term opportunities.

> Work for the development of trades and their establishment in the African markets, with a methodology that is thorough, steady and innovative.

> Facilitate and improve the contact between the African and Spanish companies and institutions, in order to create strong commercial and collaborative networks.

> Turn knowledge into value, for the good of our customers: saving time, making the best out of resources and designing efficient strategies.

The number of business synergies in the African continent increased notably: both the institutional relationships and the mutual knowledge grew exponentially, and the foreign businesses look towards Africa without complexes.
These are new times that announce a different way to make business, a way in which all the parts come together in a shared interest and benefit.

— Jose Luis Rivero - Chief executive —
The pillars of our actions

Planning and development of strategies.

Gathering experience in the legal and administrative processes, knowing the market we are entering or having relevant contacts represents an enormous advantage when it comes to design action strategies and use the opportunities that present themselves in dynamic societies such as the ones in the African continent. We offer you the tools and know-how of a team of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the African business area.

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Any business activity has several direct and indirect impacts on the social, environmental and economic situation in which we find ourselves. The up-to-date training for the workers, the personal commitment in the projects, the challenge of sustainable development, etc. are some examples of the measures that improve our relationship with space and with people. At Africa Global Partners we are aware of this, and therefore we strongly believe in the relevance of the 7 commitments we made and that guide all of our business, social and personal actions


At Africa Global Partners we have very clear which framework for action and methodology to apply in order to guarantee our customers’ success. Still, we do not forget the diversity of the projects we take up, the state of constant change of the markets and the need to innovate in order to reach higher. Because of this, in our team we apply strategies that go beyond absolute models, trying to get out of our comfort zone, thinking from different perspectives and tracing innovative lines of intervention which can respond to the particular situations of each case.

Some of our partners:

Prosolia Banque de Dakar

Casa AfricaApixPSE


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Senegal :

19 Bd. Franklin Roosevelt, 2 éme étage, Dakar. Senegal.

(+221) 33 822 64 88

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Guinea Bissau :

Av. Nações Unidas, 263. Cupilum de Baixo. Bissau.

(+245) 96 690 33 55

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