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Our team

Africa Global Partner consists of a group of professionals with more than 25 years of experience in market development, strategy consulting, management and trade services; including a wide range of professional fields such as architecture, engineering, renewable energies and business development, among others.

Each and every one of us relies on an extensive experience in various African countries such as Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Mali, Ghana, Togo or Nigeria*, which enabled us to develop our skills in the specific market of each country, creating a network of contacts and at the same time acquiring a global vision of the economic strategies of the continent.

We are a company with Spanish capital and origin with a clear global drive: a company of international reference in the field.

A stable network at your disposal

We work with reliable collaborators and trained staff, and we get involved firsthand so that in every project the right paths are marked without losing contact with the human side of interpersonal relationships.

Our experience proved us that business efficiency in Africa goes through the combination of local and international professionals and we share this vision with institutions and companies which already benefit from the important social and economic advantages which come from establishing commercial relationships in Africa.

Jose Luis Rivero | Chief Executive

“These are new times that announce a different way to make business, a way in which all the parts come together in a shared interest and benefit.”


Our strategy is always characterized by the joined work of local and international forces, which contributes values and knowledge from a global perspective: making the best out of resources, knowing the processes and therefore, tracing an organizational model fit for the reality and the company environment.

We want to put at your disposal the unlimited opportunities that exist at the moment to take part in the constant development of this rich continent, focusing on the cooperation with the people, business owners and institutions of Africa.

This combination of wide and different experiences, know-how and cooperation is, without a doubt, the key to our success.

*Countries of expertise:
> Burkina Faso
> Cape Verde
> Ghana
> Guinea Bissau
> Guinea Conakry
> The Gambia
> Benin
> Mauritania
> Mali
> Nigeria
> Senegal
> Sierra Leone
> Togo

Letter from the director

Our business adventure in Africa starts as everything in life created from dedication and responsibility, with determination and eagerness, which generates a land filled with opportunities, developing the enormous possibilities that a dynamic society offers, anxious to grow and achieve what we call “state of well-being”.

From that far beginning, our journey through this continent led us to be part of some of the most important achievements of Spanish business in Africa. Each one of us developed their business career in various areas, such as civil engineering, tourism, energy or communication, among others. Our experience, leading the establishment in the African market of some of the most emblematic companies of our country, and our business initiative allowed us to build a strong knowledge of African markets, of their functioning and their evolution.

The number of business synergies in the African continent increased notably: both the institutional relationships and the mutual knowledge grew exponentially, and the foreign businesses look towards Africa without complexes.

The constant presence of the cooperation for the development that Spain is maintaining in Western Africa, generated a favorable climate of trust towards business investments and initiatives from our country. Countries such as Senegal, Ghana, or Ivory Coast are now important destinations of the Spanish export, our country being the fourth exporter of the EU countries and the third destination market of the export of some of these countries. These are new times that announce a different way to make business, a way in which all the parts come together in a shared interest and benefit.

This is the thinking and purpose of AFRICA GLOBAL PARTNERS, encourage your company to make business in Africa. In a dynamic, clever way, gifting your business initiative with more than 25 years of experience in the continent.

By cutting off not only the time of your set-up, but also your costs, helping you to bind your investments, widening the range of your market, guaranteeing your connections, your development and finally generating the excitement, the progress and why not, the benefit, that always represented our way of understanding life.

Jose Luis Rivero
Chief Executive

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