Our commitment



We are aware that the well-adjusted accomplishment of our responsibilities in economic, social and environmental matters based on criteria of sustainability is essential for our planet’s harmony.

This is why at Africa Global Partners we encourage the environmental, economic and social balance in our every action.

Interested in people

At Africa Global Partners we believe in empathy as a basic work tool, trying to recognize and understand the feelings and the behavior of people, as well as the circumstances that influence them at a certain time.


We select ambitious goals and use all of our competence to reach them. We chose the best resources and the most competent collaborators. We follow the processes with detailed attention in order to achieve excellent results.

Dynamism and Innovation

We provide new values in the areas of business in which we work. We try to include different approaches, analyzing various perspectives and applying new technologies in our actions. We make the most of the available resources in order to obtain the best profit.



We completely devote ourselves to the work we develop, making sure we achieve our customer’s  objectives and expectations. We take on every project as if it were our own, offering all of our energy, knowledge and resources within our reach.


All of the relationships we establish are defined by ethical and honest principles.

We believe in efficient and direct projects, and we use all of our tools to study the viability and the real impact of the proposals, offering services and plans that we are confident we can develop.


Social responsibility

Africa Global Partner wants to demonstrate its commitment to the environment. We have the strong wish to share with our customers, collaborators, suppliers and employees something that goes further than a financial or commercial relationship.


We promote the development of knowledge and the skills of our professionals by offering training for the acquisition of new abilities and support in one’s own professional realization.

Working with a qualified and happy staff is a safe bet.


We create a space of trust in the relationship with the customers, which develops into an easier, more human relationship. We do not just work for the customer but also with the customer, keeping a constant communication so that the customer can be up-to-date and follow the steps we make within our common project.


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